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Cold Hollow Contracting offers custom zinc roofing and siding systems, zinc gutters and custom zinc flashings. Where a natural grey metal is desired, zinc displays many strong-suits—not only functionally but environmentally and aesthetically.

Architects and designers have used zinc as an architectural sheet metal mainly in Europe over the last century and a half. However, zinc is gaining popularity not just in the United States but worldwide. Like copper, it forms architectural shapes readily and boasts a long service life. Properly installed zinc roof systems can last 75 years or longer. There are even zinc roofs over a century old that remain in great condition today. As a siding or interior material, its life expectancy is greater still—well over 100 years. This long life contributes to its sustainability.

Because Zinc is 100% infinitely recyclable and modern manufacturing methods have been refined so well, According to environmentally conscience building experts it leaves a smaller carbon footprint than any other non-ferrous metal on the market. Read more about zinc as a sustainable material here.

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