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Standing Seam


We offer Standing Seam roofing and siding panels in a variety of metals, including Copper/Freedom Gray/TCS11 stainless steel, zinc and painted steel in a variety of gauges, dimensions and colors.

Cold Hollow has been fabricating and installing standing seam for 15 years. This system is quite popular in the North Country as it sheds snow very well and will outlast an asphalt shingle roof 3 times over before it’s recycled again. Manufacturers offer warranties from a period of 30-35 years for painted steel.

standing seam

Though the standing seam panel has been in use for hundreds of years in Europe and the United States, production and therefore installation methods have undergone many changes. Traditionally each 8′ section of panel had to be individually bent in a handbrake, and then locked together with a horizontal flat seam. (see stock image of this look) In the 1970’s we saw the introduction of several “roll forming” machines using a series of metal rollers to form flat stock metal coils into a standing seam panel or other profiles, such as seamless gutters and flashing details. These machines have evolved to offer a range of profiles.


Today Cold Hollow uses ESE and roll former technology to form double locked standing seam panels efficiently on-site to any length specified or desired. This eliminates the necessity of horizontal joints every 8′ up the roof; instead, panels may run continuously from the eave to the ridge (bottom to top) of the roof. The traditional style still has its place in some historical restoration projects, as an expansion/contraction solution, or as an architectural accent. However, full length panels are generally standard and more cost effective.

Other major improvements are both the double locked standing seam profile as opposed to the older single lock system and mechanical roof seamer. These inventions have made painted steel roof and siding panels an affordable and long-lasting option. All fasteners are concealed and protected from the weather.


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