Slate Roof Installation, Repair, and Restoration



Cold Hollow Contracting specializes in slate roof installation and restoration using Old World tools and proven methods. New England architecture has provided us many learning experiences and the opportunity to complete a wide range of slate roofing projects, including graduated roofs, decorative patterns, and several blends.


Slate roofing and siding is an ancient craft with a rich history. Architects and builders have used slate to protect and compliment some of the world’s most impressive structures and common residences for hundreds of years. This highly durable and attractive stone is quarried all over the world, including Europe, North America, South America and China—but some of the world’s best quality and most beautiful slate comes from Vermont.

Here are some of the benefits to choosing a slate roof or slate siding:

  • Lasts generations when properly installed
  • Survives severe climates
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • One of the most economical and environmentally friendly building materials available


Slate’s wide variety of size, thickness and color allows for a wealth of creative applications that add an evolving and lasting charm to any building. Cold Hollow Contracting’s persistent search for new ways to improve ease of installation and safety has greatly contributed to our efficiency as roofing contractors and the quality of our work. This process goes hand-in-hand with our custom sheet metal fabrication skills to improve function and reduce maintenance or as an ornate accent. Whether it’s a restoration project, a unique residence or routine maintenance, we look forward to the challenges and satisfaction of slate roofing.

Suppliers: Camara Slate Products, New England Slate Company, Evergreen Slate Company


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