Restoration and Historical Preservation



Cold Hollow Contracting specializes in the restoration and preservation of:

  • Domes
  • Steeples
  • Copper or zinc ornaments
  • Facade and exterior trim details
  • Associated woodwork

The structures with the most history are a testament to true workmanship. We work closely with builders and architects to maintain and reproduce historical details. When it can’t be maintained, we apply creativity and tricks of the trade to achieve as similar a product as possible, making minor non-visible improvements where technology has progressed. We take pride in attention to detail and enjoy the process of protecting and refreshing the feel of these impressive and important buildings.

Cold Hollow Contracting has worked on historical restoration projects in every state in New England and New York, involving several metal, slate and wood products. We love restoration work because it’s engaging and challenging, and it’s an opportunity for construction as an art form to shine the brightest! Please contact us for any size project.


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