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Architectural Sheet Metal


Cold Hollow Contracting offers the finest in architectural sheet metal work, including reproducing, designing, cladding or preserving custom ornate details or roofs such as:

  • Decorative leader heads
  • Radius gutters
  • Radius coping/flashings
  • Custom skylights
  • Finials
  • Gargoyles
  • Countertops and interior accents
  • Metal art

custom architectural sheet metal

Our passion for the trade and experimenting with sheet metal has served to expand our skills and fine tune our detail work. We enjoy the process of making or reconstructing beautiful and lasting sheet metal ornaments, usually functioning both as a protection of the building and as a beautiful accent. Many of these details decorate some of our country’s proudest architecture. Often they tell a story of a time when Europe and young America’s finest craftsmen and architects were building many of the structures our culture continues to value most. They decorate important places of worship, study and municipal buildings. We take pride in doing our part to help keep these stories alive, and create new stories of our own for future generations to come.


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